Jimmy “Freakin” Butler, Building Culture, and the NBA Coaching Carousel

Jimmy Butler

Tarlin and Mike are back after a couple of months of laying low since our Advice for Ja Morant episode. Tarlin dives right into his takes on “Himmy” Butler’s clutch performance versus Grant Williams in the Boston Garden. Note: some of his prep was done with Hoops GPT. When does it make sense to “poke the bear?” How great is Jimmy Buckets as the playoff competitor as the Heat makes a heroic run reminiscent of the 1999 Knicks? We recall a legendary Game of Zones episode featuring Jimmy “22 Jump Street” Butler and give props to Coach Spoelstra and Darvin Ham as we think about how this all connects to culture, coaching, and continuity.

Then we say goodbye to Coach Budenholzer, Monte Williams, Nick Nurse, and Doc Rivers and argue for some patience and resolve while building culture before concluding with some rays of hope for the Knicks franchise with MSG rocking due to the culture-building talent of Jalen Brunson.

Don’t miss our triumphant return to the podwaves as we gear up to start running it back on the regular.

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LeBron, Jimmy Buckets, and the Kings of the Bubble

Join us as we run it back through a few crazy months of NBA Bubble 2020.

Tarlin and Mike reflect back on the amazing run the NBA had through the Bubble in Orlando. In addition to highlighting the stories we’ll remember along the way, we conclude by assessing the bona fides of the Laker and Heat squads. While we might not come to an agreement on Jimmy Buckets, we can’t deny that the NBA Bubble season will live on in our memories and that LeBron truly solidified his legacy with this run to glory. Most likely this win for Laker nation will come without an asterisk, but you never know…

2020 NBA Finals Tipoff Edition

Tarlin and Mike got together just before the tipoff of the 2020 NBA Finals to talk through the David versus Goliath matchup between Jimmy Buckets and a crew of role players versus LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and an interesting supporting cast.

How many championships are represented on each squad? Who deserves credit for assembling the crews that have made it the Finals? And will this Championship come with an asterisk? We cover all this along with JeVale McGee’s influence on Dwight Howard, the Resurgence of Playoff Rondo, and Andre Iguodala’s 6th consecutive Finals appearance in a quick hit lightning round episode heading into what we hope to be a tremendous conclusion to the NBA’s year in the Bubble in Orlando.

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