Sports Protests in the Wake of Uvalde and Buffalo

Steve Kerr

Tarlin and Mike react to the powerful moments from sports leaders in response to the tragic shootings in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York. We listen to what Steve Kerr said and talk about what Gabe Kapler did as coaches and leaders of their teams respond publicly to the unthinkable events.

Then we run it back to the history of sports protests and activism ranging from Kaepernick, to Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, to the leading role of the WNBA, the Brittney Griner situation, and Muhammad Ali’s historic protest of the Vietnam War, among others, as we try to make sense of the senseless. And there’s plenty of reference to famous soundbites from Marshawn Lynch, Rasheed Wallace, and Allen Iverson along the way to keep things lighter.

What lessons, if any, can we learn from all of this? How can we use sports narratives as tools to work through our response to the unthinkable? And what does this tell us about leadership and acts of conscience in these challenging times? We cover all of this and more on our latest episode. Listen in and enjoy.

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Mike Tyson’s Return and George Foreman’s Comeback

We talk about the “Sweet Science” of boxing comebacks triggered by the recent Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr match. How does Tyson’s comeback hearken back to George Foreman’s reinvention and brief reascension to claim the heavyweight title in the 1990s? In what ways are Tyson and Foreman similar? How does this tie to The Greatest of All Time, Muhammad Ali? And are there lessons we can learn from all of this? We answer all of these questions and even a few more on today’s show. Listen in and enjoy.

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